XRolyPoly 1.6
Shown above is the new version of XRolyPoly (currently 1.6).
I have edited the #'s in GIMP so you can't crank call my friends =)
For a list of changes, please check the changelog.

The old version can be found here, provided in case you don't like the double-pane view.
NOTE: v1.0 is no longer available.

For project documentation, news, bug reporting, etc, visit
the summary page on sourceforge here

Shows phone #'s along with names for quick reference
GNOME interface
Uses the GNOME config file format (ooooohhhhhh)
Alphabetizes your entries
Ability to turn on/off certain confirmation options (awwwwwww ya)
Saves basic personal information (isn't that what you're using this for?)
Most importantly: If you're upgrading from the v.1.0 release, this WILL find your old databse and convert it.

GTK+ 1.2.0 or greater.
The basic GNOME libraries.  If you don' t install the pretty little pixmaps, those nice looking icons
at the top won't be there.

Installation instructions.
README file.

Get the source distro here.
Get the binary distro here (NOTE: this was compiled on a RH6.1.92 system.  You will need to to type "make install" to install the binary)

Email me if you have any questions/comments/problems.

What's planned for the next release:
* Implement a fully featured search button, to search by any of the fields
* Support for multiple address books, along with merging of them
* Option to sort by last name, as well as first name
* Possibly the ability to edit/save/lookup databases on remote servers. Why? ummm, gives me a chance to practice TCP/IP programming, might be useful to some people.