XRolyPoly 1.5
Shown above is XRolyPoly 1.5
For a list of changes from v.1.0, please check the changelog.

The latest version can be found here

GNOME interface
Uses the GNOME config file format (ooooohhhhhh)
Alphabetizes your entries
Ability to turn on/off certain confirmation options (awwwwwww ya)
Saves basic personal information (isn't that what you're using this for?)
Most importantly: If you're upgrading from the v.1.0 release, this WILL find your old databse and convert it.

GTK+ 1.2.0 or greater.
The basic GNOME libraries.  If you don' t install the pretty little pixmaps, those nice looking icons
at the top won't be there.

Installation instructions.
README file.

Get the source distro here.
Get the binary distro here (NOTE: this was compiled on a RH6.1.92 system.  You will need to to type "make install" to install the binary)

Email me if you have any questions/comments/problems.

What's planned for the next release:
* Implement a fully featured search button, to search by any of the fields
* Support for multiple address books, along with merging of them
* Option to sort by last name, as well as first name
* Possibly the ability to edit/save/lookup databases on remote servers. Why? ummm, gives me a chance to practice TCP/IP programming, might be useful to some people.